Jennifer Roderick

Program Associate
Washington, DC

Jennifer Roderick joined both CSTSP and the International Science and Technology Partnerships (INSTP) Program in September, 2013 as a Program Associate. Her work at CSTSP focuses on strategic air power, space security, emerging science and technologies, and building international science collaborations. At INSTP, Jennifer helps develop mutually beneficial Indo-U.S. collaborative research efforts among government, industry and academia.

Jennifer previously served as an officer in U.K. Royal Air Force for six years. During her time in the Royal Air Force, she served as an Aerospace Battle Manager with tours of duty in theatres of operation such as Afghanistan, Libya, the Falkland Islands, among others. Jennifer was the primary instructor for all United Kingdom Armed Forces command and control operators prior to combat. Her work and dedication in Afghanistan in 2010 resulted in Jennifer receiving both the Officer of the Month and Quarter Award, issued by United States Central Command, for the Middle East region. This was the first time such an award was presented to a coalition member.

Jennifer has an MSci from University College London in Astrophysics and an MSc from Missouri State University in Defense and Strategic Studies. Jennifer additionally has a Graduateship qualification in Leadership and Management achieved during her time in the Royal Air Force